Unclaimed property – Holder FAQs

I don’t have reporting forms. Can I photocopy last year’s forms?

Holders are required to use an original Cover Sheet (DFS-UP-111). You may photocopy the other reporting forms, DFS-UP-121, DFS-UP-128, and DFS-UP-129. These forms can be found under the Reporting Information link under Paper Reporting Forms.

The owner’s address is in another state, but our company is based in Florida. Where do I report the property?

The U.S. Supreme Court, in Texas vs. New Jersey in 1965, stated the property was due to the state of the owner’s last known address. If there is no last known address, the property is due to your state of incorporation.

What does the term “aggregate” mean?

Aggregate items are accounts where the amount is less than $50 or accounts where the owner is unknown, regardless of the amount. For statistical reasons, our office asks holders to report all aggregate totals, broken down by property type.

What do I do if I find additional items after I file my report?

You should file a supplemental report, following the same process as the original report. Please be aware, late reports are subject to late filing and interest penalties.

I have received a penalty notice. What can I do?

Waivers of penalties are granted under certain circumstances for specific reasons on a case-by-case basis. All waiver requests must be in writing. Please be specific regarding the reasons why you were late filing your report and why you believe a waiver of penalties should be considered.

Do I have to file a “zero” report if I have never filed before or if I have no unclaimed property to report?

All business entities are required to file an annual unclaimed property report. If you are holding no unclaimed property and have nothing to report, a “zero” report should be filed. Pursuant to Chapter 717, F.S., the department has the authority to audit holders to verify information filed with the department and/or to audit for unclaimed property that may have been un-reported or under-reported.

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