No Statute of Limitations on Unclaimed Property in Florida

by admin on April 9, 2024

That’s correct. In Florida, there is no statute of limitations on unclaimed property. This means that account owners, or their heirs, can claim their funds indefinitely, free of charge. Whether it’s a dormant bank account, uncashed check, insurance proceeds, or other types of unclaimed property, individuals can claim these funds at any time, regardless of how long they have been unclaimed.

This policy reflects the state’s commitment to reuniting individuals with their lost or abandoned property and ensuring that rightful owners have the opportunity to reclaim what belongs to them. It also means that there’s no rush or time pressure for individuals to claim their unclaimed property. They can take their time to search for and claim their funds whenever it’s convenient for them.

It’s important for individuals to periodically check for unclaimed property in their name or the names of deceased relatives to ensure that they don’t miss out on any assets that rightfully belong to them. The Florida Treasure Hunt program provides a convenient and accessible way to search for and claim unclaimed property online, free of charge.

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