Searching For Unclaimed Property in Florida ?

Reporting Instructions Manual

Contains information on the requirements for an entity in reporting unclaimed property to the Florida Department of Financial Services. Included are the required forms for paper reporting, electronic reporting instructions, Florida’s dormancy period table, etc.

Please note that the unclaimed property annual report must be filed before May 1 of each year for property that has met the required dormancy period during the preceding calendar year ending December 31.Florida is not a November 1 filing state.

NOTICE: Section 717.117(1), Florida Statutes, requires that a report identifying 25 or more different apparent owners must be submitted by the holder via electronic medium (diskette or CD-ROM). In addition, the Bureau of Unclaimed Property requires that all electronic reports be submitted in the NAUPA format revision which became effective November 2003.

Reporting Forms
For a holder reporting less than 25 apparent owners, the Department’s reporting forms may be used. Generic forms are not accepted. The information should be typed on to the forms.
Electronic Reporting Software and Instructions
Click here to obtain the free NAUPA endorsed software that will create the electronic report in the required NAUPA standard format.NAUPA Standard Format
Click here to obtain information on the NAUPA standard format.NOTICE: The Department has the ability to accept OpenPGP encrypted reports. Click here for more information.
Securities Transfer Information
The Department has recently changed securities custodians. Click here to obtain our NEW instructions for remitting securities to the Department.
Holder Education Workshops/Seminars
Click here to obtain information on holder education workshops and seminars.
Voluntary Disclosure Program
Click here for information on the Bureau’s Voluntary Disclosure Program for the holders of unclaimed property.
Reciprocity/Exchange Information
Provides information on how the states currently handle reciprocity/exchanges among themselves.
Florida Statutes
This link will allow you to view Chapter 717, FS, The Florida Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act, and the applicable administrative code.
Numismatic List for Financial Institutions
This link will allow you to view details on coins and paper currency that, if found in an unclaimed safe deposit box, should be remitted to the Department in their original form, due to their numismatic, or collectible value.
Miscellaneous Papers List for Financial Institutions
This link will provide you a list of miscellaneous papers that should not be remitted to the Department.
Bank Inventory Sheet for Financial Institutions
This bank inventory sheet is designed to assist financial institutions to inventory abandoned safe deposit boxes. This document is available to help make the inventory process more efficient.
This link will provide you a list of acceptable NAICS codes to use when providing the required information used in creating a new holder record with the State of Florida.

Links to Other Unclaimed Property Forms

    Other forms applicable to the Florida Department of Financial Services, Bureau of Unclaimed Property.